Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Media Encoder Jail in FreeNAS (ffmpeg, handbrake, filebot)

Create the jail
Install the encoding options you'd like to use inside the jail. 'jls' to see the list of jails and to enter the jail: 'jexec #'.
I installed the following
  1. pkg install python
  2. pkg install ffmpeg
  3. pkg install handbrake
  4. Filebot: Extracted the portable package into a folder in the jail -- Screenshot
  5. pkg install libass
  6. portsnap fetch
  7. cd /usr/ports/audio/lame
  8. make install clean (just keep hitting enter till it's finished)
Make sure the jail can access your encoding / media folder(s)

I used this python script and commented out import ntfsutils.junction (Line 63) 
and then changed these lines:

FFMPEG = '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg' #'/usr/bin/FFMPEG'
HANDBRAKE = "/usr/local/bin/HandBrakeCLI" #'/usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI"
FILEBOT = '/filebot/filebot.sh'

Run the Python Script in the jail:

root@encoder_jail: nohup python scripts/conv2mp4.py

Thanks to @KameeCoding & https://www.reddit.com/user/infinull for helping me getting it working.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Google Maps refreshes when you zoom in. (How to fix)

I've had a long standing google maps annoyance where you zoom in.. .and it instantly refreshes you back to the default view.

Basically, when you change the zoom level, the entire page redirects/refreshes (i.e the browser makes another request, goes blank, and reloads the entire page).


1.) Turn off instant prediction.

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to transfer from a T-Mobile contract/post-paid plan to the Walmart $30/mo, 5 GB data, Unlimited Texting, and 100 Min plan.

Bare in mind you have to do all this because this plan is only for NEW ACTIVATIONS. So basically you port it out to Google Voice... then port it in (as a new activation).

1. Buy the $30/mo prepaid plan from walmart (sim activation kit + $30)

2. Wait until the end of your billing period since they don't pro-rate it if you close your plan early. So in my case I'll port my number a week before the ending billing date just in case.... I did mine on the 7th. You never know how long porting will take even though the majority of the time it takes around 24 hours.

3. Port out your number to Google Voice. This cancels your current plan and Wait for Google Voice to finish porting your Post-Paid / T-Mobile #

4. Activate the Sim Card with any old number that isn't your Current #. (You'll eventually port your current number to this account).

It will tell you to add $$$ to your account but once you get the text your sim card is activated, the 1st month should be ready to go. In the link it should be ready and activated even though they say to refill it.

5. Wait for the porting to complete (once complete you'll have no cell service and your t-mobile account will be closed. Now you can switch back to your other SIM.

6. Unlock your Google Voice #
7. Port your now Google Voice # back to T-Mobile (this would satisfy the new-registration requirement).

Call @ 1-877-789-3106 (press 0 a lot to skip the automated prompts).

Wait < 24 hours and that's it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to get a new IP Address (Verizon Fios - Frontier Fios)

If you have the Actiontec Router

1. log into the router
2. go to "My network"
3. Click on "network connections" on the left hand side
4. Click on "broadband connection" 
     a. Ethernet if you have ethernet internet
     b. coax if you have coax internet
5. Click on "settings"
6. find "DHCP LEASE" and click release, then renew
7. Enjoy new IP address

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Solution to the 5 beep code and then reboot problem. (especially if your motherboard only has ram locks on one side; Gigabyte)

This is mainly for those motherboards that have only one locking side.

1.  Take out RAM  
2.  Align RAM on both sides evenly and just let it slide in without pushing it down yet. 
3.  On the non-locked side push that down in as far as it can go and then push down the side that locks/snaps into place.

I had taken out my RAM to install some new sleeved cables and then the computer starting doing the 5 beep and restart nonsense. Figured it was either the sleeving job or the RAM. Unfortunately I swapped my cables first and didn't realize it was the RAM. I imagine it could be hard to narrow down if it's a new build or something similar. Like literally i had my RAM snapped into place but it wouldn't detect it because I probably pressed down evenly on the entire RAM module.

This isn't noted anywhere in the manual, or anywhere online, but placing the ram in how you normally would results in one side raising up too high.

I just hope I can save people the headache of what I went through.

Credit:  /u/cann3dheat   


For anyone else coming to this thread with this issue, this MB has a RAM module with locks on only one side. If you put the RAM in how you usually would and just lock the one side into place it won't register the RAM and will give you this error. You'll need to push the non-locking side of the RAM down first with some force, and THEN place the other side in and lock it into place.
This isn't noted anywhere in the manual, or anywhere online, but placing the ram in how you normally would results in one side raising up too high.

I use a gigabyte mini-itx mobo.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to get Dota 2 Reborn to exec your autoexec every time

Just edit game_convars.vcfg

Windows 10 Clean Install Tweaks

  • Remove .shortcut extension
    • http://www.tenforums.com/attachments/tutorials/55836d1451358116-shortcut-name-extension-turn-off-windows-10-a-turn_off_shortcut_name_extension.bat
  • Remove Microsoft OneDrive
    • win +R --> gpedit.msc --> local computer policy --> Computer Config --> Admin Templates --> Windows Components --> OneDrive

  • Turn off SmartScreen Filter settings as well as User Account Control

Friday, February 19, 2016

Limit bandwidth or upload on a Jail Plugin (my attempt)

  • Unfortunately.. it still doesn't work :[

  • Enable dummynet and ipfw the FreeBSD traffic shaping module:
    • edit /boot/loader.conf and add 
    • ipfw_load="YES" 
    • dummynet_load="YES"
    • run kldload dummynet to load the modules or just restart the server.
  • Set up a pipe that restricts traffic 
    • ipfw pipe 1 config bw 20Mbit/s
    • ipfw queue 1 config pipe 1 mask dst-ip 0xffffffff
  • Adjust ip block as necessary to not throttle your own LAN 
    • ipfw add 100 queue 1 tcp from me 32400 to not out
  • Send outgoing traffic destined for anywhere other than the local network through the pipe
  • ipfw add 1000 pipe 1 ip from to any
  • Default allow all
    • ipfw add 65000 pass all from any to any
  •  systat -ifstat 1   is used to monitor bandwidth
  • You can see your pipes with ipfw pipe show (just as you see the regular rules with ipfw show.
  • ipfw pipe flush   This command will destroy all the pipes generated.

ipfw add 1 allow tcp from any to me 22 keep-state ipfw pipe 1 config bw 20Mbit/s ipfw add 1000 pipe 1 ip from to any

Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to choose RAM!

  1. Check your motherboard specifications for the memory type, # of slots/ram sticks you'll need, type of pin interface, and what DDR interface you'll need.
  2. Low CAS + High Frequency ram will be the most expensive. 

Example calculation of nanseconds: 

(CL/(Freq-in-MHZ) * 1000) = speed in ns.
14 CL @ 3200 MT/s = 1600 MHz ~ 8.75 ns $265
14 CL @ 3000 MT/s = 1500 MHz ~ 9.33 ns $235
15 CL @ 3200 MT/s = 1600 MHz ~ 9.37 ns $240
15 CL @ 3000 MT/s = 1500 MHz ~10.0 ns $210
13 CL @ 2133 MT/s = 1066 MHz ~ 12.20 ns $230

So the 15 CL @ 3000 would be the best deal unless you're willing to pay $30 more for .63 nanoseconds.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

If on Verizon, don't use to to set static IP addresses!!!

100-150 range is hard-coded into the router somewhere....

You can set the DCHP range there.... then for any static IP addresses you want to set.. just make sure it's out of the to range.